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Fashion an clothes for women

The woman, unlike a man can be happy about when you buy yourself something really fits her.

As a result, they feel great, more confident, and it affects not only her work, but also relationships with colleagues.

What you need to know about the woman, if she has help?

During the initial half-hour interview ascertain whether a housewife, or working, what she likes and what about the idea of ​​her clothes.

 When I watch the body language that tells me to be that if you believe, or is shy and insecure

It is important to dish out praise and give her enough time to make new clothes SZILI. Only then is it will shine - and I totally love it.

The praise with us about women are not much used?

That's right, in the Czech Republic is generally much praise. Every woman has yet to wear something nice and special, just sometimes cannot see.  New Fashion Looks

Learning to it is the key to success, which affects her whole inner world.

Recently I was at a lecture world-renowned scientist Professor Vladimir King, who talked about how stress and does not adversely affect the cells in the body

Sometimes the woman does not feel nice, because it is sad and depressed.

A lot of my clients just experiencing such feelings The website mentions that women wear only about 15 to 20 percent of the things they have in their wardrobe. How do you explain that?

Some women take fewer swimsuits, because they believe them to lose weight.


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