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Bulky bags in fashion

Envelope in many ways

Bulky bags are very practical, but in fashion it is usually the last thing that went by designers.

Today, the growing trend but cannot escape...

Envelope in many ways  what is fashion

Unfortunately, they do not fit too many things, so they are more suitable for evenings in the company.

 Even today it is not the rule.

Writings have become a common complement everyday wear.

Alexander McQueen added (still living) these handbags on the rebel-handle boxer who in the final after decorating stones or his favorite skull looks like an extravagant ring.

A more followed - for example, Christian Loubiotin modified closing in on him iconic pair of shoes.

As part of the trend of "color-blocking" to "clutch", as it is called, this supplement in English has become an important part of the outfit.

You can buy it in any color; big trend is now becoming neon colors - bright yellow, green or pink.

The red carpet bag began to appear in the form of books, hearts, animals and many other variations.

The classic replaces resourcefulness.

The classic replaces resourcefulness.

Of course, bloggers have found a way to "let off steam" and began to produce large, slightly baggy, but the more practical writings themselves.

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