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Achieve contrast with normal clothing

Its structure, patterns and combinations thereof are the source of countless creations.

What can a classic stripe!

The narrow, wide, placed differently, optionally in contrast with a different pattern boring.

"The shirt is one of the basic elements of women's wardrobe and rare in the limelight," he says of his decision to devote part of their potential shirts fashion designer

"Uninitiated, it might seem that this piece of designer clothing little creative but stare is scope for imagination and decoration of its offering placket, cuffs, collars and buttons!

It is these features make Shirts and pretty, well-tailored shirt again a woman a woman. Click here

The care and maintenance of choice is definitely worth it, "says the designer.

Neon colors - do not be afraid to stand out from the gray

The last years have become the cry of color in shades fix a highlighter, which is hard to resist.

To be the center of attention, then this is definitely the color for you. After the fashion scene spread like a virus and it is up to you whether or not they defend us.

Neon colors - do not be afraid to stand out from the grayWays to wear it a lot. The first is to only use elements "none" - for example on tape pants or shoes, so you will achieve contrast with normal clothing. These colors appear nail polish, accessories or handbags.

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