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Foundation of every woman's wardrobe

The shirt is the foundation of every woman's wardrobe

Women's shirt is a permanent fixture of women's wardrobe, which can be perfectly combined with other pieces.

 Perfect fit, high-quality materials and precise details cannot guarantee that just goes out of style.

The shirt is the foundation of every woman's wardrobe

To look elegant or extravagant?

 Shirts, although not dominant part of the overall outfit, but its effect is more pronounced than.

In addition to an infinite number of decorative elements and creations can cover up flaws or vice versa emphasize feminine qualities.

 Neither time, which changed the ideals of beauty, crashed taboos and brings new fashion trends did not change anything on how to improve optical character details.  For more info

Who wants to emphasize the graceful long neck, certainly knows how this effect reached generations of women before us - collar aptly named But even well-prepared stand-up collar perfectly fulfills its purpose.

Literally, it is possible to cast darts and tucks.

Well assessed breast darts used to be the pride of every seamstress.

 Cup Size emphasize or, on the contrary suppresses the depth of cut and neckline

To highlight the silhouette of princess cut is recommended. Charm shirts, however, lie not only in the cut itself, the word is getting too material.

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