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Summer flip flops made of rubber

Summer flip flops made of rubber are suitable only for temporary wear to the beach or the pool.

They do not provide any support for the foot arch and may lead to distortions and leg pain.

Lack of arch support and ankle also increases the risk of sprains or fractures.

Do not wear the same shoes every day.

 Even if it's your favorite, give them time to properly dry.

 Substitution boot is good because of their different shapes - each straining his leg a little differently.

Consult with an expert about proper shoe inserts or other mobility aids.  Shoes for Women

The human foot

Thumb leg consists of two bones, the bones of three other fingers.

Fifty-two bones of both feet represent a quarter of all the bones in the human body.

Everyday foot absorbs 500 tons burden. In addition to the bones of the foot consists of 107 tendons, muscles and 19 90-250 000 sweat glands, which are a breeding ground for various bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

 How to avoid them?

Do not wear tight shoes and tight socks and do not wear shoes without socks. Change shoes as often as possible. Of course there is hygiene.

No socks or step

Once your favorite sports to take the right shoes, do not forget to give them quality socks.

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