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What shoes to sport

What shoes to sport

Before you go shopping for hiking boots or running, fly home to my old shoes - feel it may be the ones that you wear to work.

Worn-out pair is help you find the right new.

How it works: Your old shoes can be either from inside or outside, or they can be worn everywhere.

Whether you find anything, please describe to vendors.

This information will help you choose a shoe in which you tread pretty evenly and will not burden only one leg. "

No shoes, you should not buy them on the street, but always in a network of specialized stores," says Yaroslavl Fear.
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In some sports shoe stores even have special device, which will test the foot, and accordingly is then selected.

Guiding principle: quality hiking and running shoes are so half numbers greater than conventional shoes and have to sit tight especially in the instep.

Hiking boots can be bought for around 3,000 USD, running from 2000 USD higher.

"Do sports shoes also recommend special 3D insoles that help the foot and the athletic experience will be enhanced," says Yaroslavl Fears.

For more tips on how to choose shoes and how to wear them correctly:

Keep enough time to choose and try the shoes on their feet. Each foot can be different, so always try both shoes.

Proper shoe fits you so-called "first good". In a good shoe, the foot Neville, important solid heel

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