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When walking in high heels

How high are you going?

"I appeal to common sense.

Heel to three to four inches is adequate; more may already be at the expense of overloading the front section of the foot.

In the short term heels, not against, but why walk in them all day and night count calluses and blisters?

 It is advisable to switch between different types of footwear.

I like situational model: sneakers in the car, at dinner, boating or work sneakers, dress shoes at work, after work - cinema or buying - sneakers, "says Yaroslavl Fears.

When walking in high heels with heel elevation of body weight automatically shifts to the tip.
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The pelvis moves unnaturally forward, there is a change in posture and thus the load ankle, instep, knee and entire spine, which can lead to migraines.

Boots may also cause deformation of the feet, to be called flat feet, and can even problems with their hips or varicose veins

Ideal but are not popular flat ballet shoes, especially if they lack sufficiently strong and flexible outsole that can absorb hard impacts while walking.

Barely satisfactory choice can be this year - fashion - shoes wedge, which gives the foot a firmer foothold.

Even here, but true: not overdo it with the height of the wedge and attention to its narrowing. The effect could then be as boats on tenterhooks, with the only difference that the space between the shoe and the heel is completed.


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