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Italian Glamour Fashion

I must say that I expected from the film getting closer Laurent famous creations and especially an explanation of what was

This is what I live to see, but I cannot say that I was bored a little while.

The picture also attributed to plus very closes physical resemblance to actor designer and actress.

It is interesting that in a similar period were filmed two movies about Yves Saint Laurent, both written by French authors.

Therefore, I am very curious how the same theme will fight the second film director Bertrand Bonillo, and whose film has its premiere in October.

France 2014, 106 min., Directed by Jails Leper play: Pierre Ninety, Guillaume Galliano, Charlotte Le Bon, Nikolai Kinaki and more. Zara Clothing

In London, the museum will be an exhibition of Italian Glamour Fashion

April 3, 2014

In London's Victoria and Albert Museum will take place from April 5 to June 27 unique exhibition mapping the Italian fashion design from 1945 to the present.

 Less than one roof, so we'll see models of workshops Prada, Versace, Valentino

Gucci and many other famous Italian designers

 During the search of new inspiration and new options, so every visitor can look back into the history of this country with a rich tradition of fashion.Preparation of the exhibition of Italian Glamour Fashion was quite difficult to visit all the participating fashion houses and rummage around 30 took its archives curator Sonnet Stan fill full 5 years.


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