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What was his trip to this famous fashion house?

French film deals with rather life

I personally would be more interested in his work, sources of inspiration, just his professional life.

 But "one hundred people wanted" everyone may prefer something else.

The whole story begins in Laurent seventeen, when he began working at Christian Dior.

 Here I would expect from a film explaining how to Dior follows a young designer got?  Shoes for Women

What was his trip to this famous fashion house?

This film unfortunately knows.

After the death of Christian Dior Yves Saint Laurent in twenty years, assumes artistic leadership of the company.

Around this stage, Laurent acquainted with Pierre Barge, the man who had protectively, with a deep love and patience throughout our entire personal and professional life.

A film is also the narrator of the story.

The following mental kolas designer and the gain of new forces bases its brand YSL.

The film focuses primarily on how to Yves in his psyche dealing with career and reveals that the filmmaker's life was full of drugs, alcohol, depression and love problems.

Yet the film does not act as a negative character, rather evokes in the viewer the impression of the victim. But the film does not cause a person to feel the protagonist is a kind of distance and did not mime possible to identify with him completely.


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