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A cross models

A third row of colorful trio consists of beige, cream and dark blue.

In addition to cotton and silk, which permeates the entire collections in this series also, appears denim, which evokes a more relaxed part of an otherwise very elegant and formal clothing collection.

A very interesting feature that appears across models is an original graphic "cunning" fox.

This theme designed by designer herself, to free him transferred Jan Vanda and in final form graphic designer Nikola.

Cunning Fox also appears in visual campaign this collection and photographs replaces head models just her.

The entire collection is really well combined with each other and customers with offers for TIQE dress up from head to toe.

Color and material looks very comprehensive. Form model unifies especially silhouette accentuated shoulders. Softness, femininity and elegance through every piece and there is a novel editing solution.  Shalwar Kameez Design

TIQE keeps its already established a style that befits women and raises their self-esteem.

A biographical film about the famous fashion designers

Are you behind the scenes of postwar fashion industry and controversial life of one of the most famous fashion designers?

If so, you should not miss the film Yves Slain Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent is still a major icon that symbolizes creativity and luxury.

 In its time, the fashion world flipped upside down and was the creator of the new trends.

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