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Spring collection fashion brand TIQE

Spring collection fashion brand TIQE

Pastel colors, pockets flush turned into a cunning fox. All of this can be seen in the new collection S/14 brand TIQE by Petra

The new spring collection of designer Petra that form under its own brand TIQE is already on sale in the boutique in Prague 1 A much she's there beautiful!

Spring collection is divided into three separate lines, which can be, as well as the above, combined.

The main shear element that runs through the entire collection, the inverted pocket  Sandals For Girls

 Pocket bags are taken to reverse flush and becomes a part of them shape of the garment.

The first row contains the colors cream, peach and cream, and materials such as silk, rayon or cotton.

The basic material of this series is checkered rep that occurs on coats, jackets, pants and skirts.

Combining it are silk blouses and cotton sweaters.

Simple cuts bring out the qualities and beauty of the material.

Secondly, the collection will appear the color gray, cream and soft pastel shades.

The materials are first class again baling and silk.

The silhouette of this series is based on the first one, there is only replaced the main material cotton twill and shear models are altered in the bottom of the call.


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