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Digital design and geometric patterns

The collection is dominated by colorful dresses and skirts below the knee in length, complete with oversized fur coats.

 Marissa Webb on the contrary, prefers minimalism. The models designed for modern confident women express individuality and uniqueness.

 Combine them in contrasting masculine and feminine elements, which is why they are so comfortable, casually elegant and sexy.

 New modern concept represents a young Australian fashion designer Johnny Schemers, who played in the creation of light and shadow, using the latest technology

Digital design and geometric patterns to create minimalist models perfectly flattering figure. Pakistani Shalwar Kameez

 Refined feminine, provocative, extravagant, but often easily cut, such as evening dresses Australian designer Carla Zampatti

The same character also has color throughout the collection is dominated by neutral black and cream, sometimes accompanied by a strong pastel tones - orange, royal blue and luminous yellow-green.

 The final, but the more important step to flawless outfit is the choice of appropriate jewelry.

You must not only be beautiful and modern, but also perfectly matched with the outfit. Inspiration can be found to be in the company

Swarovski, which for FW 2014/2015 elected distinctive necklaces, bracelets and massive jewelry, dressing somewhat unconventional manner waist, shoulders or knees.
Thanks to the Swedish clothing chain H & M, has increasingly been the world's leading high-end fashion designers to a wider range of customers, who can also indulge in a bit of "luxury   

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