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Iconic Mulberry handbags


Family iconic Mulberry handbags have grown by another increment, which at birth has won the hearts Alexi Chung and Keera Knightly.

"It's very classic, simple and timeless bag that does not draw attention to yourself, but look great highlight.

Mulberry DNA pulses each of its own," describes his creation creative director of Young British brand Emma Hill.

"Suitable for everyday wear for walking, to work on a long journey  Lawn Collection 2014

It inspired our men's satchel Bryn more, which is based on traditional bag over his shoulder. "

Bryn unlike his brother has always been firmer texture, softer curves and dressed in more colorful garb.

But what remained common, there are three metal locks that make family genes at first glance identifies you.

"Kier and Alexei to Bryn love.

 It's amazing how everyone wears it with the same careless elegance, yet completely different

. We enjoy this mix of styles and LOOK, "Emma says enthusiastically.

 The desire to elevate 'above the woes of post-war life was simply too big. In the fifties heels shoes have become common all wives from the suburbs and sex symbol at the same time.

Charles Jordan, Patrick Cox, Mangle Blanks ... Every decade longed to climb up and feet lifted a few inches. When Christian created with needle ...

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