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Sex in the city would not have been what it is, and Victoria Beckham would be lost in the crowd.

We are talking about heels.

High needle on long legs are a classic addition to any woman who knows where to step forward in life.

It is worn day and night. Plain outfit can highlight into the stratosphere.

In addition, no other fashion piece is imbued with so much sex appeal...  Lawn Collection 2014

How to walk in them?

Especially with courage

High heels disclose uncertain step. Tip: Lightly walking back-and gently shift your weight on your heels.

Release the arms and straight step must face directly forward, not sideways. Just swing your hips like Marilyn.

Lessons from History

Among the first supposedly heels dug up Catherine de Medici. Being a bit higher than he made up his mind nature, has become a necessity in the court of the Sun King Louis XIV.

Then followed a long and tedious period of industrial revolution, financial crisis and two world wars, which all came back feet on the ground

In 1947 came the visionary - Christian Dior introduced his New Look, which is the mole appeared and needles. You breakneck speed (thanks to beauties of Hollywood movies) spread throughout the world.


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