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Admire the skill and craftsmanship of master goldsmiths?

 Wondering how the image is created from a piece of jewelry?

 See the unique pictures of workshop Bulgarian.

Jeweler's profession has always been revered and esteemed.

How could you not, the most skilled of creating pieces for kings and queens.  Lawn Collection 2014

 Do What else should upload their rich possessions than gold and precious stones (in case it was needed to melt the metal and leave it to mint coins, but fortunately it did not happen often)?!

 Each craftsman had his apprentice, who passed experiences.

Formed the guilds and workshops were established with an excellent reputation continuing to this day

. In 1884, one such legend founded the jeweler Bulgarian family

 Today it is not entirely devoted to the manufacture of jewelry, but also watches, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics and leather goods.

 Is projected to have many years of experience, so the scent of perfume bottles as beautiful as jewelry brand

Check out the gallery to workshop arises Bulgarian necklace.

From design to final processing

Tongs, tweezers and cutter are the same ones used by the masters years ago. Crafting is still balanced by Bulgarian ... uh, literally with gold

Despite its accessories do not lose or femininity glamour effect. Because they are very strong, stand out as a fashion solitaires your outfit


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