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Charity Fashion Show for Kids 2014:

Charity Fashion Show for Kids 2014:

 Top models demonstrated Pakistani and Italian fashion

In Prague's Municipal House was already the 9th year of the exclusive charity fashion show, which regularly organizes.

Charity Fashion Show for Kids 2014: Top models demonstrated Pakistani and Italian fashion

This year, the show bore little name - Rapid Spaceback presents: "Fashion for kids 2013" - INSIGHT.

This year's theme of the show was not chosen by chance.

We wanted a closer look into the feelings of a child's soul and its destiny, but also the real stories of people who care for them.

Thanks to them, most often in practice will show what needs to be changed in the system of child care.

This topic came to us very strong, so we decided to give him not only the theme throughout the show, but to publish a special issue editions opening.

It will consist of stories (not) ordinary people whose fates remain often overlooked, yet it is their bearers should be the stars of messages and positive role models for young people.

 It is the people who help others does not seem like a waste of time.

"Said  to this year's festival patron and founder of the Foundation Program show this time was considerably

author's collection Spring / Summer 2014

 Italian fashion house Costume National, guests also saw the selection of the best Pakistani fashion.

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