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Fashion disasters

Caps just sprinkle gold powder-shadow and highlight lashes one layer skin cream blush highlighted.

And who will look Sac Posen suit? Top sits with dark skin.

That you're a brunette?

It does not matter; grunge style look is more about convenience and the art of feeling than about mold into which types of makeup artists ranks us.

What's sticking out of his pants?

Further insights  What is new in Pakistan

Warning Red "T" imminent girdle acts on the masters rather like a smile-inspiring brand of "no entry" than as bait nod.

Underwear pants from just peeping do not possess; it's not pretty, let alone sexy

If you are given a lady  kidney area "dot" or pleated cotton puff, leave some who were seduced chic cut pants to the extent that forgets pants thoroughly studied and escapes her monstrous size pockets.

Large pockets - as we know - visually expand the background! Significantly pear-shaped ladies should back pocket could quite easily expendable.

 Moreover, even tinier nice background is nicer without them.

The last sin is less clearly: - two arcs - encircled crotch.

 I do not know what to do some leading ladies, but a number of smaller stretch or leggings pulled up to the armpits can completely erase their underwear and get them shredded vulgar anatomical intimacy - it is not pretty and sexy either.

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