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Make up for your skin type

On the inner side of the lid and apply gold shadows on the outer side of the cap to apply a medium brown powder shadows.

The transition between the two shadows to be smooth, so the fingers or a cotton swab to gently rub lost.

The lower lid sprinkle with brown shadows as well.

 This gives you the smoke effect. Do not forget to apply the inner corner of the golden shades that perfectly lit view - and it still is. In conclusion frame the eyes pencil and apply mascara.

MILF makeup to look beautiful finish with a soft lip gloss lipstick and body paint. And up in the dance and entertainment!

Winter makeup reigns 3D "sloppy" beauty

For makeup style 3D Chanel bet on matte and flawless skin and silver, shiny slices that are glued over the eyelid and eyelashes.

 Fancy a very extravagant make-up, in which no one can overlook!  New Clothes Wearing Ideas

Trendy winter season dictates other than fashion icon – Paris

The appearance of the sign of the return of a 3D metallic eye makeup, denies Yves Saint Laurent, whose makeup trend goes back to the casual grunge look.

Success is smooth skin that you will achieve a properly chosen make-up. This should correspond with the tone of your skin.

 Therefore, do not be tempted by the dark shade of powder and liquid rather use three or four days Toning Lotion makes your skin effortlessly into tanned appearance.

With makeup eyes hold back.

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